Friday, November 3, 2017

Crew Update

Crew Update: 

       Fall has arrived! 512 had a busy season with a majority of our time spent in Northern California and then ended the season supporting the Napa area.  After 33 days of extension past its M.A.P. the Helicopter has left Quincy. We have began some prescribed burning around the Quincy area and are looking forward to some wetter weather. 

Anticipated layoff date for all temporary employees is November 9th. 

End of the (2017) season update:

824 hrs-Average Crew Overtime
245-Flight hours
49-Fires (6- Large fire support)
75-Days off forest
7-Single resource assignments

Ready for 2018 Fire Hire? 

If you are interested in joining our crew next year (fire season - 2018) feel free to contact us anytime (530)283-7836, and face to face visits are always welcome.


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