Physical Fitness

Although the Minimum Physical Standard for Hire is the Work Capacity Test, this minimum does not accurately reflect real conditions on the fire line. The job of a firefighter is mentally challenging and physically demanding. It is not uncommon to have 24+ hour work shifts followed by extended full gear hike-outs over mountainous terrain with temps anywhere from below freezing to well over 100 degrees.

The physical fitness of the crew is crucial to the execution of the mission. The crew conducts group PT for 2 hours every morning. Group PT allows for greater competition, accountability, and cohesion. PT consists of full gear hikes in steep terrain, 4-5 mile hill runs, calisthenics and weight training.

It cannot be stressed enough to prospective candidates the importance of individual physical fitness. Take an honest look at your fitness level and where you can be by mid-April before you apply. The crew thrives on physical challenges and that is the type of mentality we look for in applicants. 

Minimum goals to shoot for, pre-season:
  1. 7+ pull-ups
  2. 45+ push-ups
  3. 50+ sit-ups
  4. 3-5 mile runs maintaining a sub-8-minute-mile pace for the duration.
  5. 3-5 mile hikes in steep terrain with at least 40 lbs of weight, maintaining a steady pace and an elevated heart rate.

Pre-season training should include hiking with boots and a pack, running distances between 3-8 miles in varying terrain, and strength training.

Our weekly PT schedule consists of the following:

First Week of Pay Period:

Sunday          Weights & Run
Monday          Hike
Tuesday         Run
Wednesday    Circuit Training
Thursday        Choice
Friday            Hike
Saturday        "The Deck"

Second Week of Pay Period:

Sunday          Hike
Monday          Run
Tuesday         "The Deck"
Wednesday    Hike
Thursday        Choice
Friday            Loop & Upper Body Circuit
Saturday        Hike